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The aesthetics of finished window joinery are constantly improving year after year. One of the two main factors determining this process is the welding of profiles and clearing them of the efflorescence. Accordingly, machine manufacturing companies are constantly working on new technological solutions so that the window and door joinery produced on their equipment is of the best possible quality.

One of the leading manufacturers of machines and equipment for the production of window and door joinery – PREZ-MET®, in order to meet the expectations of customers, has introduced a new patented technology for welding profiles PRECISION LINE. Thanks to the use of innovative forming punches, the resulting corner connection is characterized by unparalleled aesthetics and high strength.Translated with 

The new PRECISION LINE technology is based on a proven welding process solution that has been used in window manufacturing for years. The initial cycle proceeds in a similar manner as before. However, changes occur in the key welding stage.  PRECISION LINE activates in the process of joining profiles using specially designed punches. Before the process begins, the operator assembles the forming punches suitable for the profile to be welded, as well as the system guides. Once the profiles are properly positioned on the machine tops, the operator activates the cycle and the welding process begins. 

The machine tops with the immobilized profile arrive at the heating mirrors, heating the profile to the set temperature. The heating mirror then returns to its initial position, and the machine tops slide to size pressing the heated profile surfaces together. This part of the profile welding process has been used for more than 30 years. The novelty of the PRECISION LINE comes when the fused profile surfaces come together, and the top and bottom forming punches shape the weld bead accordingly, forming a thin precision line at the profile junction.

In summary, we do not interfere with the welding process itself, which is known, proven and refined. Using innovative forming punches in the final stage of the process, we shape the weld bead, thus achieving a very aesthetic appearance while maintaining the high strength of the welded corner.

PRECISION LINE technology has been used in the welding machine ZGP760.

By equipping the ZGP760 welding machine with 11 servo drives, at each stage of the welding process the movement of the heads is carried out with very high accuracy – at the level of hundredths of a millimeter.