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P.P.H.U. REDAN Renata Daniłowicz is a company located in Połczyn Zdrój and engaged in the production of windows and doors since 2000. In its nearly 20-year history, the focus here has always been on affordable prices going hand in hand with high quality. REDAN has set new and more ambitious goals as it has grown, reaching its current very high level.

After building new halls and modernizing the existing infrastructure, the next step on the road to development was to equip the plant with machines that guarantee high product quality in every aspect. The choice fell on PREZ-MET machines operating with new technology.

Precision Line technology, on the basis of which the welding machines that are on the equipment of the launched production lines function, is a solution that combines proven methods with innovation. The mixture obtained from such a combination guarantees a positive visual impression and test-confirmed durability – and these are the main reasons why the REDAN factory has been chosen in this way.

The quality of the joinery produced on the lines supplied by PREZ-MET is appreciated primarily by final customers, which translates into greater interest in the products offered by REDAN. Customers are now demanding from suppliers of PVC joinery something more than a simple, correctly welded product. They count on receiving a product that combines long-term durability and eye-pleasing aesthetics. Such a final effect was obtained at the Połczyn Zdrój plant precisely thanks to the machinery offered by PREZ-MET

The significance of the purchase of PREZ-MET machines is best captured in the words of REDAN director Rustam Glezner:

“I don’t want to use trite phrases, but I have to, because the purchase of welding and cleaning lines, working on the basis of Precision Line technology, was a hit in the proverbial bull’s eye. We realize that, to a large extent, it is thanks to the investment in solutions proposed by PREZ-MET that we have seen an increase in orders. They are directly related to the creation of a new range of products in our offer. This in turn has resulted in wider horizons opening up for us as a manufacturer. The result is REDAN’s escalation into previously unconquered markets and reaching a new, extremely demanding group of customers.”

In addition to the sealing and cleaning lines using the new technology, the Połczyn Zdrój plant has also been retrofitted with a modern center on the finished sealer, performing all operations on the frames in what is known as “zero time,” i.e. during cooling down.